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Omari Hardwick On French Montana Leaking A ‘Power’ Spoiler | Celebrities



Earlier this month, French Montana pissed off social media when he took to his Instagram and posted a video spoiler of the midseason premiere of Power on January 5.

The move was the culmination of a battle French was having with 50 Cent, who is the Starz series’ executive producer.

“BREAKING NEWS ‼️” he captioned under the video. “All you power fans 59 don’t show u who killed ghost tomorrow….. he still Tryana drag his last piece of power but here’s the highlight of tomorrow’s episode let me save you a hour of your life.”

People were heated and lashed out at Montana in his comments. “WTH French don’t do us like that. I like you don’t change my view by ruining power. No one comes between me & power!” one person wrote. “Hold that L….Super Lame,” another commented.

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Now, Omari Hardwick, who plays James “Ghost” St. Patrick in Power, is reacting to the leak. Sitting down with SiriusXM’s The Clay Cane Show, Hardwick claims he didn’t know French revealed the most shocking moment of the episode.

He said, “I had no idea, I missed it… I think it’s just hard for us to be as mad [at] leakage in an era where everything’s leaked. I mean, we could be mad at that being leaked and that’s perhaps complementary to what the power of Power, pun unintended or intended.

He continued, “We don’t want leaking but, equally, people leak things on a Saturday when they watched it for the Sunday viewer… I don’t know how we avoid – whether it’s French Montana, whether it’s John Doe down the street – I don’t know how we avoid people leaking stuff. People want to be in the know.. I don’t even know if that was French’s intention because I didn’t even know about it.”

Listen to Omari Hardwick’s full reaction to the leak below.


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